Find your ideal home

How to find your ideal home?

However you intend to use your home, for certain periods of the year, for holidays by the lake or all year round, the advice we at Gardaffare give to buyers and renters is to turn to real estate professionals, but only those involved in buying and selling and rentals that are totally familiar with the local area.
We have lived here by Lake Garda all our lives and we know the answers to all the many questions that our customers ask us about the different areas, housing conditions and everything they need to know to find the perfect accommodation for their needs.

Your dream home on Lake Garda:
for holidays or for life?

The Lake Garda area offers many attractions for tourists and residents alike, such as scenic paths for pleasant walks, varied restaurants, bars and clubs, beautiful beaches and lush parks. The area is perfect for your holidays, but you could spend a lifetime here too.
So it is essential to find the perfect home.

Home buying and renting tips.

When customers come to our agency, we offer them all the right expert advice to direct them towards the choice of accommodation that best reflects their tastes and responds to their needs.
For example, potential buyers should know:

Planning permissions
often affect the price of homes and the costs of eventual refurbishments,

Acoustic insulation
is often an overlooked but important aspect if you are looking for absolute peace and tranquillity,

A house with lots of natural light
enhances well-being and lowers lighting and electricity costs.

It is essential to consider living space requirements

The temperature
of a house during the year depends on its orientation, the quality of its window and door fixtures and above all on the efficiency of its heating and air-conditioning systems.

casa sul lago di garda

Holidays by the lake: find the right accommodation?

Villas, townhouses and apartments by Lake Garda: there is a lot to choose from, but what accommodation is best for your holidays?
Certainly it should be welcoming, close to places of interest, maybe a short walk from the lake, in a quiet area… There are many factors to consider, but most of our customers already have some idea of the perfect solution.

We at Gardaffare, listen to all the wishes and needs of those wanting to rent or buy a home in the Lake Garda area and help them make the right decision for them and for some truly unforgettable holidays.

Looking for your dream home by Lake Garda?
We select the best for you to choose from: put your trust in Gardaffare!