Lake Garda, a place to discover and experience.

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Living or spending your holidays by the lake is perfect for those seeking peace and quiet among nature, art, history and culture, but also for sports enthusiasts, hikers and the young looking for fun at the beach, at clubs (Lake Garda is famous for New Year celebrations) and amusement parks. It is also perfect for those that want to get away from work and the daily grind, thanks to its many local attractions.

Yes, Lake Garda has something for everyone.

Nature parks:
fun and excursions around Lake Garda.

There are plenty of nature parks here for children and adults alike, various amusement and water parks and walks and excursions for all.
Not to forget the Garda Thermal Spa Park, which opens its doors to thousands of tourists all year round. On summer nights, we particularly recommend lying down in one of the many parks or on one of the numerous beaches of Lake Garda to gaze up at the stars.

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Local specialities: the taste of history.

Famous ingredients of the local area cuisine and heritage is the fresh lake fish, such as the whitefish, eel, carp, sardines, trout, chub, pike, tench and bleak which locals and tourists can buy from the harbourside early in the morning. There are black and white truffles, saffron and other delicacies used in delicious dishes to be tasted in the many restaurants all around Lake Garda


Sport on water and land.

The lake is ideal for windsurfing, sailing, boating, yachting, diving and sport fishing.
But there are not only water sports to entertain sports enthusiasts and devotees: a little further from the shore you can play tennis and golf on beautiful greens, cycle or horse ride, go on free or guided excursions and ski in the winter.

Local curiosities.

Between the village of Cassone and the town of Malcesine runs the Aril river, one of the 25 tributaries of Lake Garda. Its peculiarity? Due to its length of just 175 metres, it is held to be the shortest river in the world.
Another curiosity of the lake involves pirates, as several 60's film entrepreneurs chose the lake as a setting for seafaring films. That's right: pirates have also navigated this beautiful lake!

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Come and visit us at Lake Garda: choose to spend your holidays or live here, where there are a million things to see and do.

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