August 2023

Gastronomy of Lake Garda: typical products not to be missed

In addition to its scenic beauty, Lake Garda is also a rich source of gastronomic products of exceptional quality. The typical products of Lake Garda are the result of a perfect combination of a mild climate, fertile soil, and centuries-old food and wine traditions.

PDO extra virgin olive oil

Lake Garda is famous for its extra virgin olive oil, appreciated all over the world for its delicate taste. The climatic characteristics of the lake allow the cultivation of olives, which do not find a favourable habitat elsewhere in northern Italy. This oil is ideal for dressing salads, fish dishes and vegetables.

Wines of Lake Garda

The hills surrounding Lake Garda are dotted with vineyards producing fine wines. Among white wines, Lugana is the best known: fresh flavour with a slight hint of almond and white flowers. Among the red wines, Bardolino, light and fruity, and Amarone della Valpolicella, intense and full-bodied, reflect the versatility of the area's soils with their magnificent contrasts.

Lake fishes

The waters of the lake are populated by a variety of fish, including pike, whitefish, perch and tench, which lend themselves to a myriad of culinary preparations. From traditional fried fish to pasta sauces to more elaborate gourmet dishes, the fish of Lake Garda is a fresh, high-quality ingredient for the chefs in the area.

Citrus fruits of Lake Garda

Lake Garda boasts a unique microclimate that allows the cultivation of citrus fruits, typical of Mediterranean areas. Among the various citrus fruits, the undisputed star is the 'Limone Madernina', a species native to Lake Garda, appreciated for its thin peel and intense aroma. Citrons, oranges, mandarins and bergamots are also cultivated in the citrus groves around the lake and used in a variety of local recipes, which enrich the already exquisite local cuisine.

Exploring the typical products of Lake Garda is a culinary adventure that will lead you to discover unique flavours and unique scents. Do not give up these specialities, make Lake Garda your home and enjoy the best experience on the lake. Contact Gardaffare to find your dream home on Lake Garda.