May 2023

Selling a house: how to choose the right real estate agency

When making the decision to sell a house, choosing the right real estate agency is of paramount importance. It is crucial to understand that not all agencies are the same and that relying on the right one can significantly influence the final result. There are three key factors to consider:

  1. Competence and experience
  2. Reliability
  3. In-depth knowledge of the territory

Competence and experience

The competence and experience of a real estate agency are essential when it comes to selling a house. The agency\'s history and established presence in the real estate sector are important indicators of its competence. An agency with a long and successful history demonstrates a solid understanding of the real estate market and an ability to adapt to its changing dynamics. Technical competence is equally crucial. A competent agency has realtors with extensive technical knowledge and a deep understanding of real estate sales practices. These professionals are able to accurately appraise a property, providing a precise and realistic valuation. They know the most effective marketing strategies to promote a house and the best way to handle negotiations with potential buyers. Technical competence is also reflected in the ability to deal with obstacles that may arise along the sales path, providing effective solutions.


The reliability of a real estate agency for the sale of a house is a crucial element in choosing the right partner for this important transaction. In addition to competence and experience, the human aspect plays a key role. A reliable agency does not just sell Your house, but is present at every stage of the process, showing attention to detail and a sincere interest in Your needs. This translates into the ability to follow the client even in moments of uncertainty, doubt and concern. A reliable agency is ready to listen and answer questions, providing clarity and support. Realtors know that selling a house can be an emotionally charged experience and are committed to creating an environment of trust in which clients feel listened to and understood. The agency will not only guide You through the sales process but will also be at Your side when You need answers or reassurance. This kind of personalised and human attention is what makes a real estate agency truly reliable and a valuable partner in the sale of Your house.

In-depth knowledge of the territory

In-depth knowledge of the territory is a key element when looking for a real estate agency that sells houses in a certain area. The agency must be familiar with the distinctive features of the location, understand its geographical, urban and tourist characteristics, and have a clear understanding of prices and market trends specific to that area. For example, a real estate agency operating in the Lake Garda area can offer an accurate valuation of Your property based on the unique characteristics of the area, such as lake view, proximity to services and access to beaches. This in-depth knowledge of the area enables the agency to develop a targeted marketing strategy and identify potential buyers interested in properties in that specific area.

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