May 2022

What is a property valuation?

The value of a property is proportionate to market demand
The value of a property is determinated following an accurate valuation carried out by professionals. An appraisal is a report containing texts, images and graphics able to fully describe a real estate to be estimated: location, technical structure, materials used and much more. The price of a property must be precisely assessed, without neglecting any detail, because there is a risk of significant financial losses if the estimate is too low and the risk that the property remain without a proposal of purchase for a long time if the estimate is too high according to the market standards.

What are the factors that determinate the value of a property?
Whether a property is for residential, commercial or industrial use, all the technical characteristics that determine its nature are deeply analysed: the materials used for the construction, the year of construction, whether the property is furnished or not, whether there are gardens or terraces, the number of bathrooms and the location are all extremely relevant details. Another factor that determinate the increase of the value of a property is the possible location near areas with a high tourist appeal: it is well known that the tourism has always fuelled the real estate market, both for purchases and rentals, in fact a real estate is often a real investment.

Who is able to evaluate your property?

It is important to always rely on professionals for operations of this magnitude, as relying on inexperienced people may entail the risk of wasting time and money. Moreover, an independent valuation will never be able to accurately quantify the value of the good. Real estate valuers can be realtors or figures found in prepared companies or in registers of professionals in the sector, such as engineers or architects.

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