October 2022

What should You know before buying a house?

What should You know before buying a house?
If You are planning to buy a house, it is important to be prepared about what and how to check different aspects and features of the property You are interested in. For a safe purchase it is important to gather as much information as possible even before planning a viewing, such as the location, the state of the structure or whether or not the property is in compliance with the land registration. With the support of professionals and realtors, it will be easier to find the correct material useful to collect all the necessary information. It is therefore important to check many aspects of the house during the scheduled visits, to talk to the condominium administrators or neighbors and to assess possible renovation costs.

Checking the state of the property
When You are interested in a property, it is important to pay close attention to its conditions by checking many aspects of it that might go unnoticed if You are not prepared. The electrical system is one of the fundamental things and it is very important to check if it is up to standard. It is also very useful to pay attention to the overall state of the property, i.e. if it has particular sags or cracks or if any maintenance or renovation actions are necessary. It is important to verify the energy class and consequently whether the heating system needs to be replaced or not and to check the windows and the condition of the materials they are made of. It is advisable to visit the house at different times of the day in order to evaluate how it behaves with light at various times.

Talking to tenants or neighbors
In order to gather a lot of information about the property You can use very simple and common techniques, such as dialogue. It is advisable to ask tenants or neighbors for information in order to better understand the quality of life in the neighborhood and to be able to imagine Yourself in that new context.

Which documents can be consulted before taking the plunge
It is important to obtain a set of documents that should help to analyse every aspect before making the purchase:
 • Planimetry and cadastral survey;
 • Deed of provenience of the property:
 • Habitability;
 • In a condominium, statement of instalments and various resolutions and scheduled expenses.

For greater security and protection against possible fraud, it is important to rely on professional in the sector wo will be able to handle the negotiations and gather all the information needed.