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March 2023

Green building: sustainability in real estate

Green building consists of a set of techniques for the design, construction and management of buildings, whose aim is to minimize negative impact on the environmental and to create...
February 2023

Thermal centres and spas on Lake Garda

Lake Garda is definitely one of Italy\'s most popular destinations in terms of wellness tourism. In fact, there are numerous spas and thermal centres that rise on the shores of the...
January 2023

Extension of the Superbonus 110% in 2023: what changes with the new budget law?

The new budget law reconfirmed, as from 1 January 2023, the so-called
December 2022

Where to go on Lake Garda at Christmas?

Lake Garda: an attraction even in winter It is not only the summer period that boasts attractions and consequently an increase in tourism on Lake Garda, also during winter the vil...
November 2022

How many days does it take to visit lake Garda?

A few days to visit the most beautiful villages on lake Garda Lake Garda is the largest lake of Italy and can be completely visited in a circular tour or by motorised vehicles or...
October 2022

What should You know before buying a house?

What should You know before buying a house? If You are planning to buy a house, it is important to be prepared about what and how to check different aspects and features of the pr...
September 2022

Interesting facts about the cuisine of Lake Garda

Lake fish, extra virgin olive oil and wine Lake Garda is undoubtedly famous for its environment, climate and food! The dishes that characterize the vast territory surrounding the...
August 2022

Why is it important to rely on a realtor?

Face the moment of the sale with serenity Even if you believe you are saving money and time, often trying to juggle the real estate business can lead to significant financial loss...