March 2023

Green building: sustainability in real estate

Green building consists of a set of techniques for the design, construction and management of buildings, whose aim is to minimize negative impact on the environmental and to create a perfect harmony between the house, its inhabitants and the surrounding environmental. Green building is based on 5 fundamental principles:

  1. Integrated approach
    The integrated approach implies that the entire team involved in the construction project has specific knowledge and skills in sustainable building techniques. In this way, each team member will be able to contribute to the achievement of the goal.

  2. Respect for geographical constraints
    The construction of the building must strictly take into account the characteristics of the terrain and the surrounding landscape. In this way, the building will be compatible with the surrounding environment and its natural resources, without causing damage or disturbing the environmental balance. This means that the choice of the materials, the layout of the building and its shape must be adapted to the geographical characteristics of the landscape.

  3. Choice of materials
    The choice of materials to be used in the construction must take into account geographical and climatic aspects, in order to optimize the house from a thermal, acoustic and durability point of view. The most suitable materials are those of natural origin, such as wood, cork and lime.

  4. Energy efficiency
    Reducing the energy need and consumption of buildings must be a priority in green building. This can be achieved using clean energy systems or sources that help reduce the pollution produced by the buildings and, of course, their associated maintenance costs. The goal is to make the building as energy efficient as possible, in order to minimize the amount of energy required to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.

  5. Safeguard of users’ welfare
    Green building aims to ensure the thermal, acoustic and visual well-being of the inhabitants, as well as good air and water quality and protection from harmful factors such as electromagnetic fields and humidity. According to green building standards, the house must offer a healthy and comfortable environment for people living in it.

The increasing focus on sustainability in all sectors has led to a remarkable spread of green building. Both in Europe and in Italy, this trend is growing strongly and undoubtedly represents the future of construction and real estate.