September 2022

Interesting facts about the cuisine of Lake Garda

Lake fish, extra virgin olive oil and wine
Lake Garda is undoubtedly famous for its environment, climate and food! The dishes that characterize the vast territory surrounding the lake are many and vary according to the regions touched by the majestic expanse of water: Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino. However, there are three basic and quality common ingredients that you should definitely taste in all the different lake locations: lake fish, extra virgin olive oil and wine. You only have to walk through the surrounding hills and countryside to see that viticulture is as well-developed as the wonderful expanses of olive groves.

The typical dishes of the Brescia riviera are very tasty: risottos, soups and various specialties from ancient times. For spit-roasted meat it is possible to easily find proposals of game paired with tasty slices of lard and enriched with sage leaves, seasoned with the famous EVO oil of Lake Garda and accompanied by local DOC wines. The typical Brescia biscuits are also traditional to the western shore of Lake Garda, with their rustic and simple flavor are usually enjoyed as a snack or for breakfast. Among the fish that can be eaten in the typical dishes of lakeside villages, we find lavaret, lake trout or sardine, the protagonist of tasty first and second courses. The risotto with tench, a typical lake fish with very tasty and typically lean meat rich in protein, is also famous. Also well-known is the Garda fish soup, a tasty and flavorful dish handed down from generation to generation made with various types of fish cooked together with the typical products of the land.

The excellent DOC wines from Lake Garda are famous all over the world: the Bardolino or the Custoza are excellent with typical white meat and fish dishes. The famous Garda white wine, the Lugana, is also renowned: a typical wine produced in four Brescia municipalities, Desenzano del Garda, Sirmione, Pozzolengo and Lonato del Garda, as well as in a part of the Verona area, Peschiera del Garda.

Living on Lake Garda does not only mean being part of a community with years of history behind it but it also means having the possibility to benefit from typical dishes that are famous the world over for their simplicity and tastiness.