June 2023

The 5 enchanting islands of Lake Garda

Lake Garda is a popular tourist destination in Italy: in addition to its beautiful lakeshore and the charming surrounding towns, the lake hides impressive islands, each with its own unique charm and history.

Isola del Garda
Situated on the Lombard shore, not far from Capo San Fermo, Isola del Garda, the largest of the five islands of Lake Garda, rises majestically. Also known as Isola Borghese, over the centuries, from Roman times to the present day, it has welcomed illustrious personalities. Today it is privately owned and can only be visited by appointment, accompanied by an authorised guide. Once on the island, visitors are greeted by the magnificence of its neo-Gothic Venetian-style villa. The beauty of Isola del Garda is not only limited to the elegance of its historic residence: the Italian-style garden and the English-style park offer an immersive experience in lush, unspoilt nature. Isola del Garda is a place where history, art and nature come together harmoniously, giving visitors an unforgettable experience on the shores of the lake.

San Biagio island
Remaining on the Brescia side of the lake, near Manerba del Garda, is the San Biagio Island, also called “Isola dei Conigli” (Rabbit Island) because of the cute animals that once inhabited it. The island is privately owned and accessible for a fee. The peculiarity of the island lies in the fact that under certain conditions the water level drops, making it accessible on foot across a strip of land connecting it to the mainland. The island can also be reached by private boats or with the daily taxi-boat service from Porto Torchio.

Isola del Trimelone
This small island lies in front of Assenza di Brenzone, in the province of Verona. The island is strongly linked to the events of World War I: it was used as war outpost due to its strategic position on the border with the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Recently, several site clearance operations have been carried out to remove thousands of explosive devices lying on the lakebed near the island. Evidence of its past is still visible in the remains of military buildings, a fort and a small, now disused, port. Due to the presence of unexploded war material, access to the island is still forbidden. However, it is possible to admire its beauty by boat, enjoying the spectacle of this wild and mysterious island, which is now a nesting site for water birds.

Isola del Sogno
South of Malcesine, on the Verona shore of the lake, lies Isola del Sogno, which owes its characteristic name to the hamlet of Val di Sogno. This island is privately owned and access is forbidden, so tourists cannot visit it. However, it is a popular destination among divers and diving enthusiasts, as near the island, at a depth of about 40 meters, is the wreck of a ship, nicknamed \'Roma 3912\' because of the inscription still visible.

Isola dell’Olivo
Isola dell’Olivo is the smallest of the five islands of Lake Garda. It is located near Malcesine and is known for being a landmark of the Centomiglia sailing regatta. Like Isola del Sogno, Isola dell\'Olivo is also a destination for diving enthusiasts, thanks to a small underwater cave characterised by lake flora and fauna and the possibility of exploring the remains of a wreck lying on the lake bottom.

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